Doctors are just sadists who like to play god and watch lesser people scream

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Who Am I?
Hmmm well lets see, Im Bobbers :) 24 years old, female, don't worry if you got confused by the name, you wouldn't be the first. My computer is practically my whole social network as I am highly reclusive due to the fact I am almost constantly sick in one way or another. I love to write, which mostly comes out in forms of roleplay, but I am dabbling in some writing of an original fic, nothing from a fandom just yet, but who knows, I may dabble in fandom works eventually. I do dabble graphics now and then but not often, and usually they are usually posted here or at kitzygraffitzy

Yes and No...
Well lets see, I like nice people which includes all my friends, Twilight, Harry Potter, Robert Pattinson (my biggest irrational celebrity crush) other gorgeous actors, e.g. Kellan Lutz, Gaspard Ulliel etc. Reading fanfiction, movies, music, tvshows, graphics, and even more assortments of things. Oh and Im a fanggirl. I DISlike SPIDERS! I have a phobia of the beach, Im not big on dislike so yea, I like people usually even with thier faults, it takes a lot for me not to like someone.

Oh, Im a big roleplayers, my two places I roleplay are Harry Potter centric. I've been roleplaying for years, and I've come to see it as a kind of therapudic thing with my illness making me reclusive as mentioned earlier.

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