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20 April 2020 @ 02:05 am

Credit to cinnamonstreet whom made the banner :)

Okay guys, Im going to start making my journal friends only. All my previous posts will be left open, but from now on, they will all be FRIENDS ONLY.

Ima starting to get paranoid, and well, Im going to be posting things here that I hold very close to my heart. So yea.

Please comment if you want to be my friend! PLEASE!
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13 December 2010 @ 10:06 pm
I've been good! Thats news to me :P

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In September I ruled Canada as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Tuesday thecorporeal and I donated clothes to the needy (11 points). Last Monday I broke sassybtsweet11's X-Box (-12 points). In January I helped kisuvampyr hide a body (-173 points). Last Friday I pulled over and changed nyaza's flat tire (15 points). In February I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points).

Overall, I've been nice (560 points). For Christmas I deserve a pony!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
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17 October 2010 @ 08:14 pm
Back again, been really sick the last week and a half, nothing new, mix between migraines, stupid cramps, and oh look, hayfever aswell the last two days. Spring, you just gotta love it *not*

Still trying to catch up with my shows, I keep missing them, but I'll get there.

I have glasses now, no photos, still hate photos as always, maybe come christmas time you'll get some XD

The family did do some professional photos recently, maybe if I can scan them lol

Hope everyone is well :) *hugs all around*

Now I go crawl back into bed after pain killers, love yas.
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02 September 2010 @ 10:37 pm
Vampires were all the rage, but Zombies are in this year!

LOL I read that in the latest Artemis Fowl book, <3 them, no question!

Dad got to see Andrea's musical tonight, I wanted to go but they only had one ticket left.

He told me it was GREAT! But it sucks we can get a copy of the video, some, legal purposes, not having permission from all the students parents for their child to be photographed. Its stupid because the school DID take a video, which shouldn't be allowed anyway.

Oh well, she had an awesome time which is all that counts. I may put up some photos I took from the rehersal if I get off my butt, but eh XD
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29 August 2010 @ 09:41 pm
Its been AGES I know, I know, its been brought to my attention I need to start updating again... even if its one line to tell people I'm not dead XD

Then again, no one reads this anymore so oh well.

I've decided to take my journal off friends only, EXCEPT for important stuff, and then, well, it'll be friends. But since I'm boring anyway, *shrugs*

As for whats happened since my last post, I got older, I still get really sick, no miracle cure on the horizon, sorry guys!

Andrea is currently preparing for her school musical, so that should be interesting! We're going to see it on Wednesday, and she has another performace on Thursday, she's psyched. Then her camp is the week after. I just spent half the afternoon commanding them around the house to find stuff she'll need LOL

I'd just like to say, HI HI HI to everyone who still reads this (or anyone), thanks for finding me interesting, at ALL.

OH! If you have any new icons you think I DESPERATELY need, throw em in the comment, I haven't updated them in as long as I've been here :P
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16 December 2008 @ 03:00 am
Apparantly people have started cutting me out of things without me even doing anything to deserve it.

At least not from what I understand, other then trying to be a good friend. Yea I got sick for a bit and barely talked to anyone at all, and then everyone seemed to decided I wasn't worth talking to anymore anyway.

I know I don't talk much in communities and livejournals, thats just how I am... I would have prefered you telling me you didn't want me around to my face though.

So now Im telling everyone straight up, Im cutting friends, if you are cut over the next two days, then it was nice being your friend for however long it was.
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13 November 2008 @ 06:52 pm
-- Went shopping this morning cause I found out shoes were on sale at Kmart. Considering I can't spend too much money before the trip cause my savings SUCK, I decided this was the best time to buy them since shoes are so hard to buy the ones I like without them costing an arm and a leg.

-- Brought two pairs of shoes cause they were cheaper then I thought they were. They seem like they'll be good for walking and look nice enough to be able to go out nice places too. Yea, two pairs exactly the same, the others wern't good for me cause of my habit of falling over my own feet when I can't see properly from my migraines means heels are out of the question.

-- Brought a new pair of jeans. Not cheap but considering I next to never buy clothes for myself, I felt like it. 3/4 design so they arn't too long for my shorty legs. Just plain ones, but I likes em.

-- Hair cut, concave style with a sweeping fringe. I like it shorter again, I hate my hair long its too much for me to look after. I used to and still in some ways love the way my hair is long, but with being sick all the time I just cant look after it properly, still can't when its short but Im at least a lil better at it.

-- Got them to straighten my hair, just to see what it looks like. Not bad actually, I may do it myself sometimes.

-- I took pictures of my new hair cut, you can see the red bits from my colouring last time, but that will be done with when I get my hair done in L.A. Red Streaks here I come :P

Photos under the cut, cept it isn't as straight as when I got it done cause I had to nap.

Getting my hair done & shopping absolutely killed me, as always going out makes me violently ill compared to my usual deadness. Anyway on with those really bad pics of me.

A Change is as good as a holiday... guess I get both :PCollapse )
25 August 2008 @ 11:19 pm

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    22 August 2008 @ 09:08 pm
    I've been really blarzay lately, and still am. Not keeping up with anything really cause I've just been blah, and sick. I hate being sick but nothing ever changes and i go into funks cause of it, just another one. But anyway.

    I decided to do a meme.

    You know even when Im not around I love yas bbs so here we go


    nyaza posted me here.

    There are so many other people that should get love, but here are a few that are awesomeness and you should leave love for :) Im sorry if your names have been posted in the meme before, I tried to double check but my head is swimming!


    There are even more people I wanna post, but my head is going all fuzzy.
    I <3 yas all.
    04 August 2008 @ 06:19 pm
    I still don't have the books properly, but I has a PDF. So yea :)